Brand Expression

As a Team Lead at Rapt Studio, I guided the creation and expression of these exciting brands.


Guided the design team in the creation and execution of the design concept; workspace environmental graphics for people who like connecting people. Details.


A social club for gamers. We designed Guildhouse’s logo and created a brand style book that represents the key principles of the company: Community, Inclusivity, Empowerment, and Fun. We created the brand system, and mocked it up in various formats for proof of concept. I guided the design team in the creation and execution of the concept for the brand from Discovery to Deploy.


I guided the design team in the creation and execution of the naming and brand from Discovery to Deploy.

Pair is a furniture company that boldly stands in the gap between “custom” and “off-the-shelf”. Pair your favorite components together to create your very own table, desk, etc.

J.Dawgs Website

Retail Pop-Ups

While Lead Brand Experience Designer for a menswear startup, I led the design, planning, and execution of two temporary retail spaces, bridging the gap from online to "IRL". 


Pop-up: Santa Monica

Whisky and beer tastings, and a cigar rolling workshop, all while you shop for your perfect suit. I designed custom clothing racks and changing rooms, and a ceiling installation made of our iconic suit boxes. Furniture and decor was locally sourced, and a custom "magic mirror" equipped with RFID brought our menswear to life.


Pop-Up: WME

A feature tie installation, new custom clothing racks, locally sourced furniture and decor, and crowd-pleasing gift bags featuring relatable, relevant lifestyle brands.


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