Niharika Hablani

Hi! I’m Niharika.

I'm a Designer and Team Lead at Rapt Studio. Over the last eleven years I’ve developed expertise in bringing my clients’ brands and vision to life through interior design, events, immersive experiences, brand strategy, and brand design.

Our interior environments impact our mood and shape our day — they are the backdrop of our lives. My goal is for each of my clients to love the spaces they’re in, and to feel that the experiences and brands we’ve created together authentically represent them for who they truly are.

I'm an explorer and an optimist. I love traveling, fashion, photography, cooking, music, and hosting rooftop-brunches. I’m a California-native with a heart full of sunshine, and I refuse to go anywhere that’s below 50* without a hot-toddy in-hand.

Reach out and say hi! I'd love to hear from you.